The Leader*:

The Cleric**:

  • (Wilaver Loyallar); Human Protection Cleric; Lawful Good; Mutually Exclusive w/ [Octavious Foolsbane]
  • (Octavius Foolsbane); Human Tempest Cleric; Lawful Neutral; Mutually Exclusive w/ [Wilaver Loyallar]

The Scout/Guide**:

  • (Venril Dusktracker); Half-Elf Beastmaster Ranger; Chaotic Good; Mutually Exclusive w/ [Vicros Fletcher] except on specific occasions.
  • (Vicros Fletcher); Human Hunter Ranger; Lawful Neutral; Mutually Exclusive w/ [Venril Dusktracker] except on specific occasions

The Mage:

  • (Zanneiros the Second); High Elf Conjuration Wizard; Neutral Evil; Mutually Exclusive w/ [Scarlette Tenbrook]
  • (Scarlette Tenbrook); Human Wild Magic Sorcerer; Neutral Good; Mutually Exclusive w/ [Zanneiros the Second]
  • (Marona Deepweaver); Half-Elf Undying Blade Warlock; Neutral Evil

The Fighter:

  • (Yari Naginata); Human Battlemaster Fighter; Lawful Neutral; Mutually Exclusive w/ [Gragold the Ironhand] except on specific occasions.
  • Gragold the Ironhand; Human Battlemaster Fighter; Lawful Good; Mutually Exclusive w/ [Yari Naginata] except on specific occasions.

The Rogue:

As always, please ask the DM any questions you have. We are using some Unearthed Arcana, SCAG, and Elemental Evil stuff in here. Some house rules will likely being changed back to defaults from the 5e system.

Characters whose names are in parenthesis  (Name) have been chosen.

*Someone from this category is required. If desired more can be added.

**Someone from this category is highly recommended. Choosing one character from this section locks the other character in this section out until a later time.