Quest Rewards for Defending Triboar from the Fire Giant:

You received the following quest from Darathra Shendrel (Lord Protector of Triboar & Harper agent:

Darathra doesn’t have much contact with her fellow Harpers, but it strikes her as odd that fire giants would make it this far into the Dessarin Valley without her receiving some kind of warning. In fact her information suggested the valley was yet untouched for the Giant situation. She wants to make sure her organization is aware of the gravity of the situation in Delimbyr. She gives the characters a platinum badge bearing the Triboar insignia (three boars charging forward) and urges the characters to travel east along the Evermoor Way, visit Danivarr’s House in Everlund, and give the badge to Dral Thelev, the one-eyed half-orc proprietor.

Choose 2 more from the following quests:

Darz Helgar’s (Campground Keeper) Quest:

Darz relates to the characters that he was recently visited by an old acquaintance, a merchant from Mirabar, with an interesting tale to tell. The merchant saw a dwarf cleaning stables in Xantharl’s Keep, a fortified village on the Long Road, and later recognized him from a wanted poster he saw while traveling south through Longsaddle. The merchant is sure that the dwarf he saw is a wanted brigand known as the Weevil; according to the wanted poster, whoever delivers him alive to the authorities in Mirabar can collect a reward of 5,000 gp.

Darz briefly entertained the idea of going after the Weevil himself, but then admitted to himself that he’s too old for such things. Passing this information along to the characters is his way of thanking them for their help during the attack.

Narth Tezrin’s (Rich Boy McFuckface) Quest:

A few months ago, the Lionshield Coster received a payment from one Amrath Mulnobar, castellan of Noanar’s Hold, for five horse harnesses made by none other than Triboar’s finest harness-maker, Othovir. Othovir recently finished the last of the harnesses, and Narth needs to arrange for their delivery to Noanar’s Hold. Since the recent giant attack, he has become worried about the safe arrival of the shipment. Narth has never been to Noanar’s Hold, but he describes it as a village near the High Forest that once attracted wealthy hunters.

Urgala Meltimer’s (Retired Adventurer/Innkeeper) Quest:

In the aftermath of the battle, Urgala relates to the characters that one of her former adventuring companions, a wealthy knight named Harthos Zymorven, had a greatsword particularly effective at killing Giants. The last time Urgala spoke with him, Harthos was living in Zymorven Hall, his ancestral keep on the Rauvin Road northwest of Silverymoon. Urgala thinks Harthos might be willing to part with the weapon if the characters mention her name to him and explain their reason for needing it.

Othovir’s (Harness Maker/Magic Initiate) Quest:

After his close call during the giants’ attack, Othovir expresses his gratitude to the characters by sharing a secret with them: he knows the location of a stash of magic items that the Margaster family, his kin that he despises, keeps locked away for emergencies. The family owns a three-story tower in Silverymoon that has a detached carriage house on the property, and it is here that the characters must travel. He provides the following details:

The carriage house is a 30-foot-square stone building with two floors. The windowless ground floor that holds the carriage has a big wooden sliding door in the front. The upper floor is an apartment with a floor made of wooden planks and a barred window set into each wall. An open wooden staircase in one corner of the building connects the floors.

-Two human guards with spears are stationed in the upstairs apartment.
-An arcane lock spell protects the sliding wooden door.
-The carriage has two draft horses harnessed to it, ready to leave at a moment’s notice.
-The carriage is protected by an alarm spell, set to go off when a carriage door is opened.
-The magic items are hidden in a compartment under the passenger seat inside the carriage.

Othovir doesn’t know what magic items are included in the stash.


You also get the following rewards:

Ghelryn Foehammer’s Letter of Recommendation

As a reward for their efforts, Ghelryn writes the characters a letter of recommendation and suggests they present it to King Morinn or Queen Tithmel should they find themselves in Citadel Felbarr. He relays that they are old friends from their childhood and that they’ll certainly greatly reward the party’s tenacity in the face of Giants. He encourages you to keep fighting against the Giant threat, and to seek the aid of Dwarves should you need good, loyal, hearty folk to work with.


You are able to make a deal with Narth, the representative of the Lionshield Coster, for the gear dropped by the slain Orcs and Orogs. He intends to distribute some of the gear to the townsfolk so they can defend themselves, and sell the rest to help make up for the damages to the town and to the Lionshield Coster. He will provide you with 400gp for this gear. He originally said 250, but Gwiston haggled and a stern look for Marid got him up to 400gp.

Darathra has sent for the Flock of the Bluebird to come and fortify the village. Mentioning your names in the missive got her a hefty discount, and she passed some of that on to you. She gives you 50gp for your aid and help replenish any stock you used in Triboar’s defense.