Adventure Quest Funtime 5000 is a D&D group consisting of 5 players and a DM. We use the D&D 5e rule set and the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. We utilize the virtual tabletop, but all except 1 player meet in person to play. Currently our party consists of:

Arilynn Halcyon – Human Inspiring Leader Fighter (Played by Marisa Penn)

Octavius “Otto” Foolsbane – Human Tempest Cleric (Played by Brett Miller)

Yari Naginata – Human Battlemaster Fighter (Played by Keenan Moore)

Zanneiros the Second – High Elf Conjuration Wizard (Played by Jason Yeager)

Venril Dusktracker – Half-Elf Beastmaster Ranger (Played by Brent Wessel)

Dungeon Master – James Knight